The Pig Clean System is suitable for removing residues, impurities and foreign matters from the insides of all kinds of piping arrangements and prevents pipes from becoming contaminated. Furthemore The Pig Clean System features our exclusive energy saving system and thus is environmentally friendly. Pigs can be used in situations where large volumes of water are necessary to clean piping arrangements. And in cases where different materials are being sent through the same line, pigs can be used to purge the lines between sending materials thus preventing contamination.

1. First a pig is loaded into the pig launcher while two branch pipe valves toward the objective tank are opened.
2.The pig is force fed into the piping system using either N2 or air. When it advances towards the previously opened branch pipes near the storage tank, the pig comes to an automatic and complete stop.
3.Next the branch pipe valves near the storage tank are closed and the pig reverse transfer valve is opened enabling the pig to return to the pig launcher tube.
4.Finally by repeating this process with the use of rinse water, pipes can be completely cleaned without any damage to them.
Kinds of U-Pigs
ShapeImageModel numberHardness
DisplacementDisplacement"U"PIG DPHardness4570
BallBall"U"PIG B2Hardness20
BareBare"U"PIG GBHardness15
"U"PIG RBHardness25
"U"PIG BBHardness45

The U-Pig conforms with all standards and regulations that apply to food additives."Container packaging fabricated by Synthetic Resin";
Notice No. 370-3, D-2 authorized by the Ministry of Welfare, Japan